The Community of Sioux Falls reviews the Top 6 flags at the Sioux Falls Design Center gallery showing in August 2014.

Flag Expert Ted Kay shares the elements of quality flag design with members of the Sioux Falls creative community in April 2014.


Chaired by Hugh Weber and a committee including Molly O’Connor, Joe Schaeffer, Alix Suckstorf, and Marisa TenBrink, The Committee To Establish A Suitable Flying Banner for The City of Sioux Falls - CESFBCSF - is leading the charge to find a suitable Sioux Falls flag. 


In April, leading design voice, Roman Mars, visited Sioux Falls to participate in an event focused on creativity and community, OTA14. During his presentation, he noted that only three major cities lack a city flag, Fargo, ND; Hilo, Hawaii; and Sioux Falls, SD. In the immediate aftermath of that event, a couple dozen emails and calls were sent recommending that the creative community lead the charge on this process. We were eager to do so.

In 2014, we hosted a community town hall on the principles of flag design, solicited and received over 90 flag designs, worked through a two-stage paneled jury voting process and engaged over 3,000 rated votes from the public at large. We have received significant local media and been the focus of several national media reports, including the globally significant culture magazine, All of this work resulted in a gallery showing of the Top 6 flag designs and one clear cut 'Best of Show’ and ‘People’s Choice’ winner designed by Max Rabkin. This flag has been recognized by Ted Kaye, author of the flag-design guidebook of the North American Vexillological Association, who suggested it would instantly be among the best city flags in the United States.

This committee and the effort it lead reflects the true spirit of collaboration in our community. Three organizations, OTA (, AIGA South Dakota ( and the Sioux Falls Design Center ( pooled time, talent and resources to organize to lead this process of education, engagement and community empowerment. Designers, from 5 years old to over 65 years old, contributed time and talent at the prospect of being part of something bigger. And, three thousand individuals set aside 30 to 60 minutes to review each design and seriously consider its representation of the present and future city of Sioux Falls.

Our work now turns to having this unofficial flying banner declared the official flag of Sioux Falls.